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Baked paccheri with courgettes and bacon

Baked paccheri with courgettes and bacon

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Recipe Baked Paccheri with zucchini and bacon of of 28-03-2014 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

Paccheri are a typical form of pasta from Campania, a sort of large macaroni that always reminds me of the excellent fish sauce with which this type of pasta is seasoned in a restaurant on the Amalfi coast where I often go in summer. With the first seasonal courgettes I tried to make them messed in the oven with the addition of scamorza and béchamel, I would say that even in this way they make great, try them and you will agree with me :) This week has flown, I have given myself a great to do to prepare a lot of colorful things that you will see in the next days on the blog and I have prepared sweets and treats at full blast, I think I'm back in the sweet phase with a predilection for strawberries, so expect lots of goodies in the coming days;) I greet you and leave you to the recipe for baked Paccheri with zucchini and bacon which you can also find in my column in the Donna Moderna magazine on newsstands this week, basins: *


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