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16 Best Mail-Order Food Companies

16 Best Mail-Order Food Companies

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It used to be that mail-order food didn’t have a great reputation — but that’s changing. No longer are orders limited to candy or fruit baskets or beef jerky. Nowadays you can order gourmet fare with just a click of your computer's mouse or with a brief phone call.

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The menus aren't limited, either. Pretty much no matter where in the country you live, you can order high-end cuts of beef, lobster, scallops, or your favorite far-away restaurant’s clam chowder. You can also try out new side dishes and tempting desserts at those favorite restaurants, too.

If you’re a cook, these sites can be your pantry — the place to stock up on all your culinary essentials, everything from poultry and spices to cooking tools, that aren’t readily available at the store down the street.

And even if you don’t like to cook, many of these sites are still a match. Here’s why: you can get quality, healthy precooked foods delivered right to your door. All you have to do is reheat them — no shopping, chopping, or additional prep required.

Consumers love these mail order sites, and consequently, so do business people. To some, the business platform of mail-order food is becoming more appealing than, say, finance. Take a look at co-founder and former finance maven Brad Koenig. After spending more than 20 years in the finance industry at Goldman Sachs and as a private consultant, Koenig said goodbye to Wall Street and took on the mail-order food world by starting a business with his brother called FoodyDirect.

The Koenigs' reasons for starting their company, which allows you to order food from iconic restaurants anywhere in the country, were specific to them — they missed the East Coast food that wasn’t available to them in California — but the idea behind the venture is simple. People use the Internet a lot for shopping, so why not use it for shopping for food, too?

FoodyDirect is just one of many mail-order food businesses, and there’s a whole menu of options out there to try out. We’ve done some research and have found 16 of our favorite mail-order food companies online. Not only did we gather a list of our favorites, but we ranked them based on their originality, appeal and practicality, and ease of use. We tried our best not to be biased about whether or not the sites encouraged you to cook or not, but it's only fair to admit that it factored into our ratings, as well.

Whether you’re looking to try Oprah’s favorite Key lime Bundt cake from We Take The Cake in Florida, or just need some help with appetizers for your upcoming party, there’s a mail-order website that makes online shopping all the more appealing. Take a look and bring your appetites — a whole world of food is just a click of a mouse away.

12 Mail-Order Food Sites That'll Help You Pack Your Kitchen With Interesting Ingredients

You'll elevate your cooking and support smaller businesses in the process.

Is it getting monotonous yet?

The coronavirus pandemic, by forcing many of us into cocoon mode, is already making avid home cooks out of people who had never before attempted to boil water or toast bread. Recipes abound, and famous chefs like Massimo Bottura are offering quarantine tutorials on Instagram. But even for those of us who do have an abundance of experience at the stove, sheltering in place is reinforcing the truth in something that chefs like Bottura tell you all the time: Your cooking is only as good as your ingredients.

And cooking gets pretty tedious when you keep using the same stuff for weeks on end.

Maybe it&rsquos absurdly obvious, but the mantra bears repeating. You can improve your rice and beans by using better rice and beans. You can elevate a simple dish of pasta, olive oil, and anchovies by using better pasta, olive oil, and anchovies. Stir-frying some vegetables? Premium soy sauce can make all the difference.

Opting for better ingredients is not some exercise in bougie excess. From the perspective of personal edification, it&rsquos a way to use your free time during this bizarre global stalemate to go granular and learn more about food. What makes this bean different than this other bean? What makes that olive different than the olives we ate last night? And from the standpoint of saving the world, well, making a concerted effort to stock your pantry with higher-quality ingredients can be a way to help small, independent farmers, purveyors, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs during a time when vast numbers are struggling.

With that in mind, here we offer links to 12 of our favorite mail-order food sites that'll ship nationwide.

Legacy Food Storage

Variety of food types and serving sizes

Some options sell out quickly

Formerly, Legacy Food Storage specializes in emergency supplies for disaster scenarios: food storage, survival gear, water filtration, and fuel. The freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed food offerings come in heavy-duty buckets that stack for easy storage and have a shelf life of up to 25 years.

Choose from categories including bulk meal packages, gluten-free, and single buckets. You can also shop by food type (proteins, fruits, dairy, veggies, grains, and specialty items), dish (breakfast, entrees, and side dishes), and serving size. From 16-serving sample packs to bulk bundles with a whopping 4,320 servings (enough to feed someone breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for four years).

*Due to increased demand, allow five to ten business days for shipping.

Top 12 Mail Order Steaks Review

Kansas City Steak Company - High-Grade

Maybe you’re a connoisseur looking for the highest-grade steaks, or maybe you need high-quality meat for special occasions. Kansas City Steak Company should have what you need regardless of which group you belong to.

Whether you’re looking for quality Filet Mignons, Ribeyes, Beef Roasts, their offer should have you covered. Alongside beef, they also have turkey and seafood, all sourced from higher-tier farms. Their safety standards and protocols are also impressively high.

Overall, if you’re on the market for quality, you can’t go wrong with Kansas City Steak Company. Their long tradition of excellence should cover even the most demanding needs.

Chicago Steak Company - Grain-Fed Beef

While most high-end beef is grass-fed, you can still find plenty of quality options that are fed grains. Chicago Steak Company provides just that – a wide variety of steaks, all coming from quality sources, but they won’t break your bank.

Even though their beef is grain-fed, their cuts bear a USDA Prime certificate, which should testify to their higher quality standards. And if beef isn’t your thing, they also offer chicken, turkey, pork, alongside their wide seafood selection. They even have a choice of desserts.

All that should make them a safe choice for those that are looking for grain-fed beef. They will provide you with a wide selection of USDA-certified products that should satisfy even the most demanding customers, all at a more approachable price.

America's 51 Best Mail-Order Foods

Creamy, tangy white barbecue sauce reign in this part of the South -- and none is as popular as the Original White Sauce, first served in Decatur in 1925. Slather it on chicken and port or use it to dress up a potato salad.

Alaska -- Alaskan Sampler

The Alaskan Sampler comes with a dozen local specialties, including reindeer sausage and reindeer jerky!

Arizona -- Tamales

Tamales are synonymous with Arizona. Family-owned Tuscon Tamale stuffs its cornhusk-wrapped, masa-filled packets with 25 different meat or veggie fillings-plus dessert options.

Arkansas -- Cheese Dip

Legend has it cheese dip was invented in 1935 at a restaurant named Little Mexico (now called Mexico Chiquito) in Hot Springs. Today, the melty orange stuff is served at pretty much every Mexican eatery across the state. Pancho&aposs is so popular it&aposs even in local supermarkets.

California -- It&aposs-It

The It&aposs-It --ice cream (available in six flavors) sandwiched between two chewy oatmeal cookies and coated in a thin shell of dark chocolate --was sold exclusively in San Francisco for four decades. Fanatics can now find the treats throughout California --or in the mail.

Colorado -- Summit Collection

No kidding around! Goats rule the pastures in Colorado. The Summit Collection features eight awesome goat&aposs-milk cheeses, including chèvre logs, bloomy rind cheeses and aged cheeses.

Connecticut -- Bluepoint Oyster

The Bloom family has been harvesting briny Bluepoint oysters from Long Island Sound since the 1940s --in fact, they helped popularize the variety. We found a pearl in one during our taste test!

Delaware -- Salt Water Taffy

A must-visit destination for beachgoers, Synder&aposs Candy celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Try the assorted box of salt water taffy and get hooked on flavors like coconut, watermelon and green apple.

Florida -- Key Lime Pie on a Stick

What&aposs better than a slice of tangy Key lime pie, Florida&aposs official state treat? Frozen Key Lime Pie on a Stick, of course. Each sweet-and-tart wedge is covered with thick Belgian chocolate.

Georgia -- Crunchy Peanut Butter

Move over, peaches: Georgia also produces almost half the country&aposs peanuts. Atlanta-based Georgia&aposs Grinders makes insanely delicious small-batch crunchy peanut butter from just two ingredients: local peanuts and sea salt.

Hawaii -- Hawaiian Honey Glazed Macadamias

Extra-flavorful Hawaiian Honey Glazed Macadamias are coated with honey harvested from the beehives on the Big Island.

Idaho -- Idaho Spud Bar

Don&apost be fooled by the name: The popular Idaho Spud Bar contains no potatoes. Originally marketed as a healthful candy bar back in 1918, it features a cocoa-flavored marshmallow covered with dark chocolate and coconut (perhaps that&aposs the healthy part?).

Illinois -- Deep-dish Pizza

The founder of Lou Malnati&aposs got his start working in Chicago&aposs first deep-dish pizzeria before opening his own place in 1971. His ooey, gooey deep-dish pizza is often touted as the best in town.

Indiana -- Sugar Cream Pie

Original recipes for sugar cream pie (aka Hoosier Pie) date back to early 1800s, but Duane "Wick" Wickersham make the creamy sweet super-popular during the 1940s. The family-owned business now holds a patent on its recipe.

Iowa -- &aposNduja Americana

Iowa is the top pork-producing state in the country, and the folks behind La Quercia&aposs spicy &aposNduja Americana spread (a cross between the spicy sausage and pâté) go whole hog when it comes to their work: The husband-and-wife team learned how to make traditional cured meats while living in Parma, Italy.

Kansas -- All-Natural Sunny Seeds

A nod to the state&aposs official flower, All-Natural Sunny Seeds are sunflower seeds that have been covered in milk chocolate and a hard candy coating. Bonus: They come in a flower-shaped package.

Kentucky -- Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Bourbon Balls

Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Bourbon Balls are a decadent mash-up of two beloved Kentucky classics.

Louisiana -- Crawfish

The state harvests about 95 percent of the country&aposs crawfish, and Louisiana Crawfish Company ships the critters live or fresh-boiled with seasoning, bibs --and Maris Gras beads.

Maine -- Whoopie Pie

Locals claim that Maine is the birthplace of the Whoopie Pie, traditionally two chocolate cake-like rounds with fluffy cream filling in between. Wicked Whoopies makes them in more than 25 flavors, like banana cream and red velvet.

Maryland -- Smith Island Cake

In the 1800s, fishermen from Smith Island (located in Chesapeake Bay) would go out to sea for months at a time. Their wives would send them off with a Smith Island cake -20 layers of alternating yellow cake and fudge icing --as a reminder of home. Order one from the island&aposs famous (and only) bakery.

Massachusetts -- New England Clam Chowder

Also known as Boston clam chowder, New England clam chowder has been simmering throughout the state since at least the 1830s --and everyone has a fave recipe. This thick, creamy version features fresh, hand-shucked Atlantic Clams for a rich briny flavor.

Michigan -- Coney Island Hot Dog

Some historians say that the Coney Island hot dog, a Detroit specialty, was invented by Greek immigrants who settled here by way of New York. They put their spin on the franks they tried in Coney Island by topping them with a beanless chili, mustard and diced onions. One of the oldest joints ships kits complete with a cute paper hat.

Minnesota -- Walleye

Known as "The Land of 10,000 Lakes", the state&aposs actual count is more impressive: 11,842. Many of these waters are home to walleye, the state fish known for its mild, flaky flesh. Order fresh fillets that are hand-caught by American Indian tribal fishermen and shipped the same day.

Mississippi -- Comeback Sauce

A cross between Thousand Island dressing and rémoulade, comeback sauce originated in Jackson and has become a local go-to dipper for all things fried.

Missouri -- Toasted Ravioli

Toasted Ravioli is said to have been invented in St. Louis when a chef accidentally dropped a ravioli into a deep fryer. Order them from a local favorite on the Hill, an Italian-American neighborhood.

Montana -- Wild Huckleberry Syrup

Huckleberries grow all over Montana, and in one small kitchen in Bigfork, a family operations makes sweet-tart wild huckleberry syrup in small batches. Drizzle it on pancakes or use it in dressings.

Nebraska -- Runza Sandwich

The Runza sandwich --a stuffed pocket with ground beef, cabbage, onions and spices --took off in 1949 when a brother-and-sister duo opened Runza Drive Inn in Lincoln.

Nevada -- Cantaloupe Jam

There&aposs an area known as the "Oasis of Nevada" where cantaloupes grow. And Lattin Farms is famous for an addictive cantaloupe jam.

New Hampshire -- Maple Candy

Fuller&aposs Sugarhouse taps around 10,500 trees to make maple syrup and melt-in-your-mouth maple candy.

New Jersey -- Pork Roll

A pork roll (cured meat that could double for Canadian bacon), egg and cheese sandwich is a Jersey diner staple. Taylor Ham is the original brand.

Best Personalized All-Natural Kibble

These companies tailor their all-natural kibble recipes to each dog&rsquos needs, much like the fresh food companies do.

Winner: Tailored Review

Tailored debuted in May 2020 with a subscription dog food service that&rsquos similar to Puppo &mdash they personalize their all-natural kibble recipes for your pet&rsquos age, weight, allergies, health concerns, and more. We&rsquore impressed with their profile and health quiz, which is more detailed than the others we&rsquove seen.

Their science-backed, AAFCO-approved recipes are designed by leading pet nutrition experts. They include antioxidants for immune health, live probiotics for healthy digestion, glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and mobility, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

You can make a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription. You can change your bag size and delivery frequency (every two to 12 weeks) through your account and pause or cancel anytime.

  • Three proteins options: chicken, lamb, and salmon
  • Their dog health profile is more detailed about allergies and other health issues than any other site we&rsquove seen
  • Free auto-shipping that you can pause or cancel anytime
  • The packaging is recyclable, and the scooper is biodegradable
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Slightly more expensive compared to other all-natural kibble options


The following prices* are based on a mixed-breed male profile, one-year-old, 38 pounds, healthy size, neutered, no health problems, or allergies. These prices are for their chicken blend (lamb & salmon blends are more expensive).

  • $20.70* for 8 lb bag (1-week supply)
  • $39.60* for 20 lb bag (3-week supply)
  • $67.50* for 40 lb bag (6-week supply)
  • Free shipping


Puppo Review

Puppo offers all-natural kibble that&rsquos personalized for any ingredient sensitivities your dog may have, breed genetic factors, wellness goals, as well as weight, activity level, and age. They have three nutritional plans &mdash for puppies, adult maintenance, and weight loss.

All AAFCO-approved recipes start with meat as the first ingredient and use only the highest quality, natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals. And their dog health profile is more detailed than any other we&rsquove seen (even for fresh meals). Their subscription also includes regular nutrition and weight check-ins with their team.

  • Four recipes: beef, lamb, chicken/turkey, salmon
  • All recipes are free of corn, wheat, soy protein, and artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors
  • Very detailed dog health profile, especially about allergies and other health issues
  • Free auto-shipping that you can pause or cancel anytime
  • 100% return guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • You can&rsquot see the different recipes they offer until you&rsquore in the check-out process
  • Only ships once a month


The following prices* are based on a mixed-breed male profile, one-year-old, 38 pounds, healthy size, neutered, no health problems, or allergies.

  • $19.75*/week ($79/month) for lamb & brown rice, beef, and chicken & turkey recipes
  • $16.50*/week ($66/month) for salmon & lentils
  • Free shipping


The tastiest bacon you can get delivered to your home

1. Snake River Farms

We’ve spoken about Snake River Farms (SRF) and their vast selection of amazing meat before.

Specializing in beef and pork, this premium meat producer has supplied bacon to Michelin-star restaurants and can do the same for you.

Their standout offering is thick-cut smoked bacon, taken from 100% Kurobuta pork belly. For reference, Kurobuta is to pork what Wagyu is to beef.

All Snake River Farms’ pigs are reared on their network of small family farms, and SRF is committed to the welfare of their animals. They are equally committed to the planet, using 100% sustainable packaging that can even be dissolved in water and used as excellent plant food.

So, if you like your top-quality Kurobuta bacon with a side of eco-friendliness, SRF is the place to order from!

2. Porter Road

Porter Road’s Co-founders, James Peisker and Chris Carter, started their own butcher’s shop when they got tired of having to buy low-quality frozen meat.

They still process all their meat in their home state of Kentucky, use only local suppliers, and offer so many great bacon products that we’ve had to list them separately.

The Pork Bacon

Taken from locally sourced and sustainably raised pigs, Porter Road preserves their standard pork bacon with just salt, sugar, and sodium nitrate, a natural salt and antioxidant that been used to cure meat for as long as we’ve been curing meat. This simple process really lets this great quality bacon shine.

The Back Bacon

Back bacon is sometimes known as “English Bacon” and is very much the queen of pork products. This thick-cut bacon is taken from the loin, or back, of the pig and is similar to Canadian bacon, but thicker and less sweet. It’s great for sandwiches, with a cup of tea, of course.

The Beef Bacon

Who says bacon has to just come from pigs? Porter Road don’t, that’s for sure. Their beef bacon is taken from the short plate and cured using their sodium nitrate technique to create a meaty treat that’s the best parts of bacon and steak slammed together.

The Bacon Box

Can’t decide on which of Porter Road’s fantastic bacon offering you want? Well, good news, you don’t have to. The Porter Road bacon box contains four different kinds of excellent bacon, including the ones we’ve listed above, so you can really pig out.

3. Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow made it onto our list of best mail order steaks for 2020 because of the fantastic meat they supply. If you are concerned with what goes into your bacon, then Crowd Cow is the supplier for you, as they use no antibiotics, no hormones, and an all-vegetarian diet for the pigs they raise for bacon.

The stand out bacon offering from Crowd Cow is 1lb box of flavorful, juicy thick-cut bacon, which is perfect for sandwiches, as a topping for burgers, or, as Crowd Cow suggests, bacon-wrapped buffalo chicken dip jalapeno poppers.

4. Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms have been supplying excellent quality meat for over one hundred years now, and for most of that time, they have been promoting the kind of sustainable green practices that are only now starting to become the industry standard.

All of Perdue Farm’s pork is raised with absolutely no hormones and no antibiotics. Their natural, uncured hickory smoked bacon is preserved without the use of nitrates or nitrites and is smoked over hickory for a sweet and nutty flavor.

5. Zingerman’s Bacon Club

Zingerman’s brand themselves as the “the online shop for food lovers,” and their bacon club subscription service delivers on that promise.

Food celebs like chef Michael Symon, host of ABC’s The Chew, and Michelin starred chef Boob Flay have raved about this brilliant monthly pork subscription.

Zingerman’s website also proudly proclaims that seven whole vegans have joined their bacon club so far, none of them ironically.

Offering three, six, and twelve-month subscriptions, Zingermans Bacon Club will deliver 2 to 16 ounces of artisan bacon every month along with bacon stories, histories, and recipes.

You get a new bacon each month and there is a good chance the Zingerman’s delivery day is going to become your favorite day.

If the idea of getting bacons like Underground Meats juniper and thyme bacon, hickory-smoked duroc bacon, and cherrywood smoked bacon delivered to your door doesn’t excite you, nothing will!

6. Benton’s

Benton’s has been in business supplying high-quality pork since 1947, and their hickory-smoked country bacon shows that they know what they’re doing.

For your money, you get four one-pound packs of hickory-smoked country bacon from Benton’s smokehouse in Madisonville, Tennessee.

This delicious bacon is dry-cured by hand over the course of three weeks using a proprietary mixture of salt, brown sugar, and black pepper and smoked for three days for a rich and tangy flavor.

7. Tenderbelly

Shannon and Erik Duffy founded Tenderbelly in 2010 because they wanted to draft the finest pork products in Iowa, and now they do just that. All their heritage hogs are raised crate-free on family farms. They are fed all-vegetarian diets and never force-fed antibiotics.

This passion for excellence extends to their curing and drying process as well. They only use the finest ingredients, including late-season Vermont maple syrup, a proprietary mix of specialty spices, and freshly ground juniper berries.

The Tenderbelly website is packed with porky treats, from their bacon of the month to a monthly bacon subscription.

If you want to check them out, we suggest the Tenderbelly gourmet bacon sampler pack.

This pack will net you four 12 oz packages of fantastic quality bacon. It includes their signature blend dry-rub uncured bacon, their spicy habanero dry-rub uncured bacon and, their no-sugar dry-rub uncured bacon.

Wrapping it all up

If you’re a bacon fan and we know you are, any of these fantastic suppliers will be able to provide you with some of the best bacon experiences you’ve ever had.

So forgot about the boring supermarket bacon brands and give one of these craft bacon producers a try.

If you’ve got a favorite one of these suppliers and you’d like to tell us why, or if you think you have the ultimate bacon recipe and would like to share it with us, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Gas vs Charcoal Grills – Which is right for you?

In a perfect world, you could own a gas and a charcoal grill. When you had plenty of time to spare you would fire up

Best Wood Pellets for Smoking

You have purchased your wood pellet smoker, but now what? With endless options of flavored wood pellets to choose from it’s hard to know where

Why you should buy mail order food

One great thing about buying mail-order food products, especially as gifts, is that everyone likes to eat. Additionally, a food item is the perfect gift to buy for that hard to buy-for person everyone has on their holiday shopping list.

Over the last several years, the growing trend of online food shopping has meant more options. There is no shortage of companies providing mail-order food both through conventional catalogs as well as online.

While having multiple options can be a good thing, here are some things to keep in mind when buying food online:

  • Boutique, specialized online food companies are small and extremely focused on quality and customer experience
  • Online retailers, or superstores, generally sell products they don&rsquot make these retailers are the last stop in a long food supply chain, which often means less freshness and quality is compromised

Below you will find a few questions to ask when deciding on a mail-order food and gift company that you, your family, friends, neighbors and all gift recipients will be thrilled with.

How long has the company been in business?

Longevity is important for a number of reasons. Here at Sunnyland Farms for example, we have been shipping mail-order gifts and personal packages since our inception in 1948. We aren&rsquot a company cutting its teeth in the new online consumer marketplace. We&rsquove been doing this for over 70 years so you can be sure that we&rsquove run into every issue imaginable. Short crops, limited packaging, delivery union strikes, lost UPS trailers we&rsquove seen it all and managed to get our packages to our customers and their gift recipients through all of it.

Our experience lets you purchase with peace of mind. We guarantee &ldquoOnly the Best&rdquo products and we guarantee your satisfaction. If you&rsquore unhappy in any way then we&rsquoll refund or replace with no questions asked. And with over seventy years shipping direct to our customers you can be sure your package will arrive at the right place at the right time.

Not only should you look for longevity, but you should also check out the reviews of the company over time to make sure customers remain thrilled with their products and gifts.

How is the product presented?

Presentation is one of the most important aspects of gifting. Nothing is more disappointing than finding out the product looks very different in person than it does online.

Sunnyland Farms offers almost all of its products in some form of gift packaging that is sure to impress. We offer gift tins, gift sets and gift boxes to name a few. We also have several wonderful gifts under $40 when looking to offer quality on a budget.

In addition to gift presentations, Sunnyland also offers our economical Home Boxes. These basic packaging options contain the highest quality products wrapped with no embellishments. Home Boxes provide the best value just product in a poly bag inside a shipping box. This no-frills approach allows our customers to get the most bang for their buck!

Is the gift from a unique company?

What makes us unique isn&rsquot the fact that we provide world-class mail-order gifts and food products direct to consumers. What makes Sunnyland Farms exceptional is its heritage and its people.

Sunnyland Farms specializes in pecans and other nuts, candies and confections. We set in the middle of over 1,700 acres of pecan trees so you know our pecans are the freshest around. Additionally, we have our own commercial shelling plant, roasting facility, kitchen, warehouses, packing rooms and shipping floors. We control every part of the process to ensure our quality standards are met.

Just as we&rsquore providing only the best quality, we want to ensure we provide our customers with the best service possible. Our customer service reps (CSRs) go through an intensive training process and are focused to make sure our phone experience is second to none. We&rsquore constantly upgrading and updating our website as well to provide the most seamless experience possible. Have an idea, please don&rsquot hesitate to let us know and if we hear it enough, we&rsquoll make it happen. In fact, some of our best ideas come from our customers.

At Sunnyland, we know mail-order food!

Sunnyland Farms is one of the most experienced companies around and we guarantee that our quality is second to none.

Whether looking for high-quality food products for yourself or as a corporate gift, holiday gift or Mother&rsquos Day gift, rest assured that Sunnyland Farms provides the best mail-order pecans and fine foods you can order. The best thing about ordering from Sunnyland is that we only use the best ingredients so you can be sure you&rsquore buying the highest quality food available anywhere.

We have many of the most loved and popular mail-order food types:

  • Mail Order Pies &ndash Sunnyland&rsquos famous Georgia Grove Pecan Pie
  • Mail Order Fruit - Our always-in-season dried fruit is unparalleled quality, flavor, and freshness
  • Best Mail Order Cakes - Our Rum Crunch Cake and Limoncello Pound Cake are popular favorites
  • Mail Order Desserts - We have plenty of decadent goodies for all tastes, from Baked Goods to Candied Pecans to Chocolates to Gourmet Candies
  • Mail Order Gourmet Nuts - From our signature Georgia Pecans to Cashews, Pistachios, Almonds, and more
  • Gourmet Mail Order Fruit Cake - We have many different kinds for the Fruit Cake Lovers out there: Light, Dark, and Gluten Free
  • Mail Order Healthy Snacks -Sunnyland's raw, unsalted nuts and pecans are the healthiest and most flavorful out here (more on nuts and pecan nutrition here)
  • Best Mail Order Snacks - Our mixed nuts are the best and freshest you'll find anywhere. Warning - they're addictive!

We&rsquod love the opportunity to help you with your needs in the future and welcome you to the Sunnyland Family. Shop our fresh, gourmet nuts and foods today.

The Best Part of the Campaign Trail (the Food!) Comes Home

By ordering in, a political reporter continues to enjoy his favorite dishes from around the country.

It started on my birthday. I received, on the same blessed day in April, a package of ribs from the Memphis restaurant Central BBQ, courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law, and a box of Eastern North Carolina barbecue and hush puppies from Kings BBQ Restaurant, by way of my parents.

That’s when I figured out how to recreate what used to be one of the best parts of my job — and when I tried to make life in this time of home confinement a little brighter.

We’ve been lucky. My wife and I are healthy, financially secure and enduring only the understandable gripes of a teenager who has been denied the spring fun of her senior year.

But my life as a New York Times political reporter has changed drastically with the coronavirus outbreak. After covering the Michigan primary in early March, I had to forsake the campaign trail for my home in Northern Virginia. And for a while that meant going without one of the privileges of covering a presidential race: sampling, and sampling some more, the local delicacies.

[Sign up here to get the At Home newsletter with our best suggestions for how to live a full and cultured life during the pandemic, delivered to your inbox.]

Many of us are refashioning how we work. That’s a little easier in a job where the main tool of one’s craft is the phone. Yet I had concluded that my days of sitting down with friends and colleagues over a pork tenderloin sandwich in Iowa or a cone of black raspberry from Graeter’s, in Ohio, had been put on ice.

I didn’t know how literal my conclusion would turn out to be.

Thanks to the power of dry ice and a seven-year-old company called Goldbelly, I’ve been enjoying wings and pizza from Buffalo, bagels from Manhattan, cheese steaks from Philadelphia, brisket from Kansas City, and those ribs and hush puppies for nearly a month.

No, that is not all I have eaten — my Louisiana-born wife, Betsy, is a talented cook — and yes, there has been some exercise. But after being so impressed by how well those wet ribs from Memphis and the vinegar-infused barbecue from Kinston, N.C., held up in transit, I checked out the Goldbelly website, which my brother and parents had used to send me the goods.

Betsy and I have experimented some with mail-order food, but let’s just say that with some exceptions — looking at you, Jack Stack Barbecue — it did not often arrive in optimal condition.

Because of the speed between preparation and arrival, usually about two days, Goldbelly was different. The New York City-based service has effectively allowed just about any local restaurant in the United States to deliver its food, frozen, anywhere in the country. And few businesses need more help these days than independent restaurants.

The restaurants prepare, package and directly ship the food via the Postal Service or a parcel company, and pay Goldbelly an undisclosed fee for taking the order, processing the payment and other services. (You’ll pay a little more if you live in Alaska or Hawaii you can’t receive packages at a post office box and the company isn’t yet sending meals overseas.)

So, after that birthday bacchanal, I went a little crazy. I started phone conversations with sources by asking if they had tried long-distance food delivery. Scrolling through the state-by-state restaurant map on the Goldbelly site, I reveled in memories of meals past, and ordered dishes from places I had been planning to visit. A few days later, there were two stacks of boxes, piled three high, outside our door.

For the most part, the dishes come already prepared this is not a gastronome’s version of Ikea, with assembly required. You can defrost, heat up and eat the food immediately — or throw it in the freezer.

What to Cook Right Now

Sam Sifton has menu suggestions for the coming days. There are thousands of ideas for what to cook waiting for you on New York Times Cooking.

    • Do not miss Yotam Ottolenghi’s incredible soba noodles with ginger broth and crunchy ginger. for fungi is a treat, and it pairs beautifully with fried snapper with Creole sauce.
    • Try Ali Slagle’s salad pizza with white beans, arugula and pickled peppers, inspired by a California Pizza Kitchen classic.
    • Alexa Weibel’s modern take on macaroni salad, enlivened by lemon and herbs, pairs really nicely with oven-fried chicken.
    • A dollop of burrata does the heavy lifting in Sarah Copeland’s simple recipe for spaghetti with garlic-chile oil.

    Some dishes hold up better than others.

    The Everything bagels from Ess-a-Bagel in Midtown Manhattan were superb, the chive cream cheese they sent along even better, and both stayed tasty even after a few weeks. Those wings from Bar Bill Tavern, outside Buffalo, were still nice and crispy, even after being frozen. (Use the oven, not the microwave, to reheat them.)

    The cheese steaks from Jim’s Steaks in Philadelphia? Pretty good the day they arrived, but it turns out that Cheez Whiz doesn’t age like Camembert.

    Goldbelly also isn’t cheap. Want eight chicken biscuits from the glorious Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill, N.C.? That will run you $109 (which includes shipping and postage).

    And eating a lobster roll sent from Eventide, in Portland, Maine, just isn’t the same if you’re not within sniffing distance of the sea.

    Then there’s the fact that you’re giving a portion of your money to a middleman instead of handing it all to needy restaurants (although some mom-and-pops wouldn’t be making cash from mail order at all because they couldn’t do it without help).

    Worst of all, while Goldbelly can send you just about any local food — even cheese steaks “Whiz wit,” as they say in Philly — they can’t deliver your friends. The best part of campaign-trail meals (besides the sheer gluttony) are the people who join you.

    Those feelings of nostalgia for noshes past prompted memories of who I was with when I bent an elbow over, say, the pork and broccoli rabe at Tommy DiNic’s in Philadelphia, or a bowl of clam chowder at Neptune Oyster in Boston.

    Some of my most cherished times on the road took place when the food was nothing to, well, write in the Times Food section about.

    A late-night stop in Jacksonville, Fla., with two Waffle House first-timers comes to mind, as does the New Year’s Day brunch I once had in Des Moines, where the omelet I wolfed down was far less memorable than the journalist at our four-top whom I would later marry.

    This is all to say that the fatty brisket at Terry Black's Barbecue, in Austin, Texas, isn’t the only craving I’ve had.

    The wistfulness may also owe to the Americana-infused music Betsy and I have been listening to in self-isolation: In another attempt to recreate life on the road, we play “City of New Orleans,” the Willie Nelson version, followed by Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee” while washing dishes each night.

    Thinking of friends and colleagues, I began to wonder how much they missed the taste of the road, or of their hometowns. So back on Goldbelly I went. And again, I got carried away: Key lime pies, gumbos, pimento cheese and some more of that black raspberry ice cream from Ohio. (Really, you’ve got to try it.)

    This time, though, the reward was sending a surprise to some of the people I miss.

    It’s not the same as putting down a few bratwursts and beers with them — as we hopefully still will at the Democratic National Convention planned for Milwaukee this August.

    But it brought back some great memories, and made the social distance a little less distant.

    17. Freshology

    Perfect for: Fans of perfect portions.

    Details: Freshology offers four different meal programs: Balance, Balance D (a doctor-approved plan for diabetics), Keto-Carb30 (for those looking to cut carbs and supercharge weight loss), and Vegetarian. Each of them provides portion-controlled, made-just-before-shipping meals with lots of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Nothing is frozen. Chefs prepare the meals up to a certain degree of cooking, then you pop them in the microwave at home to finish them off. Freshology also helps you better understand portion sizes. Because everything is perfectly portioned, it’s a good reminder that muffins probably shouldn’t be the size of softballs and that a serving of pizza does not equal a third of a large pie.